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Kangaroo Island Ecopia Retreat

KI Ecopia Retreat on Kangaroo Island is a newly constructed three bedroom home situated amongst 150 acres of pristine wilderness. The proud owner has created an eco friendly, luxurious home that lends itself to the surrounding natural beauty.

A fully sustainable solar power system effortlessly powers the modern home, while pure Kangaroo Island rain is captured and used throughout. Tasteful contemporary setup meets country feel, from the recycled polished Jarrah floor boards to the comfortable leather lounge. During the cooler evenings a wood fireplace will radiate warmth throughout the home, while you enjoy the setting sun over the magnificent valley view.

Imagine yourself sitting on the deck with a glass of one of our famous Kangaroo Island wines, listening to the wildlife and enjoying the splendour of the natural landscape, not a car to be heard, the hustle and bustle and noise of civilization gone!

KI Ecopia is located on a vast private property in the heart of Kangaroo Island. During your stay you will be immersed in a habitat of wildlife and natural beauty. The property allows exclusive access to the Eleanor River and offers a unique opportunity to explore the inland beauty, one that is rarely experienced by travelers to KI.

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